Duke and me.

Every day holds a new adventure and endless possibility.

Ten years ago, with a little inspiration from my not-so-little fur baby, Logan (my first Doberman), I began a business that centered on positive based dog walking, boarding and doggie daycare. It quickly branched out to me creating dog collars, to fill that creative void.

Logan, my first Doberman. The King of All Dobermans.

When Logan suddenly passed away in September 2016, due to sudden kidney failure, I felt it was time for me to start a new chapter.

I hung up my leashes and retired from the dog walking business in January of 2017. Though I’m sad to be away from all of the furry and human friends I’ve made in Toronto, Canada, I’m excited to once again be driven by new adventure and possibility.

My adventures are taking me in a very different direction and Duke, my younger Doberman, and I are excited to share the journey with you.

Duke, my 3 year old fur kid, and I are excited to share the journey with you. We’ve headed south of the border to sunny Manta, Ecuador.

The combination of a low cost of living and the quickly growing tourist economy that brings new potential for business creates the perfect timing and space for me to begin again. Not to mention, it will also give Duke and I the space to run and explore. Duke is also a water loving dog, and even if he’s not great a swimming, he’s always waiting for his next romp in the ocean.

Duke, the wonderdog!

You’re invited to join us through our exciting and, sometimes, bumpy adventures while we learn and explore Ecuador together.

And if you should find yourself on the sunny beaches of Manta, stop by and say hello to Duke and I!

– Lindsay & Duke